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Yong Yih Ming on 
“Patients are the 
number 1 priority”

About this session

“Outcomes is what the patient really cares about,” said Yong Yih Ming, CEO at Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital, emphasizing that working back from outcomes allows you to see where efficiencies really make an impact. Mount Elizabeth is part of the big for-profit hospital chain IHH, which spans 10 countries in Asia and Europe and uses standardized systems to reduce variability and scale efficiency. He is using sensors to track fall-risk patients: “only 10-20% of the time nurses spend checking patients is actually needed” - the aim is that freeing up time will have a positive impact on nurse retention. Building in efficiency wherever possible is an essential challenge in designing daily operations.

Achieving operational excellence
Digitalizing healthcare
Innovating personalized care
Patient experience
Transforming the system of care