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9 min
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Stacy Garrett-Ray 
on “Actively 
creating sustainable solutions”

About this session

Healthcare is also an important employer, offering communities a stability that other sectors can’t.  “Patients want to see a workforce that reflects the community they live in”, said Stacy Garrett-Ray, Chief Community Impact Officer at Ascension Health. And as a large healthcare system, it's really important to think about your governance and your resources and investments to be able to move this work forward. Engaging directly with the community is essential to determine if, and how, you are meeting its needs and enables you to adapt and focus your strategy. Healthcare organizations have the responsibility to foster healthy communities, deliver the healthcare they need and create impact for those most in need. How do you know that you have achieved the best outcome, that you have created a sustainable change? Constant feedback with patients is needed to ensure change is real, not just perceived.

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