Shape 22 Experience

Bernd Montag, CEO Siemens Healthineers, Keynote

The Siemens Healthineers Shape Keynote, hosted by our CEO Bernd Montag, is our annual signature event at which we present inspiring ideas and breakthrough innovations that enable you to tackle the big challenges in healthcare. As in previous years, the keynote brings together an exclusive global audience of leading physicians, healthcare executives, and industry experts.

The Shape 23 Keynote will take place on November 14, at 4:00 p.m. (CET).

This year, our Keynote will consist of a powerful and seamless story focusing on breakthroughs in healthcare – breakthroughs in three crucial areas:

First, the unique challenges posed by cancer. Today, hearing the words “You have cancer” can be devastating for patients and their families. The Keynote will explore novel ideas on how to scale personalized medicine that will pave the way to a world without fear of cancer. Based on a mere blood test, AI-enabled clinical decision support will aid the prognosis of disease progression towards cancer and enable preventative measures. Recent breakthroughs provide new hope that highly precise imaging applied during treatment procedures will help to connect diagnosis and imaging, bringing the benefits of personalized medicine to bear in minimally invasive interventions and radiation therapy.

The second theme is the challenge of delivering high-quality care to higher numbers of people. Far too many patients continue to find the healthcare system intimidating and inconvenient, preventing them from getting the timely care they need. The Covid pandemic was in many ways a catalyst forcing us to think about new ways to deliver care. The Keynote will provide insights on how innovative delivery models can combine the power of digitalization and technological advances to bring high-quality care to more patients, wherever they are.

The third theme of the Keynote is the workforce crisis affecting healthcare systems across the globe. Labor shortages, lack of expertise where and when it’s needed, stress, caregiver burnout… the problems are familiar to all of us. Yet a series of global best practices and working models can help tackle this challenge. In addition, innovative applications of technology now allow more professionals to work at the top of their license. In essence: we care for those who care for others. Please join us!