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Siemens Healthineers
Shape 24 Spotlight

About this Spotlight

Healthcare access is a human right, and at the foundation of a healthy, sustainable society. With at least 50% of the world’s population unable to access safe, affordable, and timely healthcare services, change is essential. At Siemens Healthineers, we aspire to increase healthcare access and create better outcomes for patients, no matter where they live.

The new Siemens Healthineers Spotlight video explores innovative solutions for improving healthcare access, highlighting ways to reach underserved communities, diagnose illnesses earlier, and boost capacity through education and training.

Watch the video and hear from respected healthcare leaders from India, the U.S. and Egypt on breakthroughs in healthcare. 
For everyone. Everywhere. Sustainably.

MULTIX Impact E is an entry-level floor-mounted X-ray machine that helps make essential digital X-ray imaging available everywhere – and comes at an attractive price.

Powered by acclaimed ACUSON technology, the ACUSON Maple Ultrasound System sets a new standard—making reliable, high-quality imaging attainable in demanding, fast-paced environments for every patient, every day.

  • State-of-the-art mammography system
  • Superior cancer detection with 50° angle
  • Personalized care and cost-effectiveness
  • Streamline workflow.
  • Accelerate clinical decision making.
  • Simplify inventory management.
  • Real-time results and reporting.

We advance sustainability in healthcare.

The SOMATOM go. platform has the right CT scanner for your clinical tasks. Innovations make each scanner smarter and more patient-centric.

High-V MRI combines the power of digitalization with a new field strength of 0.55T, resulting in excellent diagnostic quality for the routine and new clinical possibilities.

Transforming care delivery with remote scanning and virtual assistance.

Creating more value with you.

access to sustainability

As a leading medical technology company, it is our responsibility to make quality and affordable healthcare accessible and available to all.

transforming the system of care

Learn how healthcare systems around the globe are being continually upgraded and transformed for better access and more equitable care.

executive summit 2022 talk mark ohalla

How to bring patient-centered care to where health happens. At the Executive Summit 2022 Mark O'Halla explained how Prisma Health reduced costs significantly by increasing the number of mobile care clinics while attempting to eliminate barriers to home-based care.