Supporting first-pass accuracy is just the beginning

ADVIA 2120i Hematology System

See how proven technologies and a comprehensive menu of clinical parameters can help your lab deliver the right results at the right time.

While slide review rates can vary greatly between labs, studies show
that on average, more than 20% of hematology samples trigger a manual scan
or count.1,2 Reviews are critical to the release of accurate results, but high frequencies
can potentially affect the laboratory in terms of both labor and cost efficiency,
leading to lower productivity (billed tests per full-time equivalent).3

Siemens Healthineers-equipped laboratories have a lower slide review rate than their peers, despite the fact that they perform more complete blood count tests on average.*

Keele University Independent Benchmarking Study, 2017

Optimize clinical operations with technology that can show you the difference

The ADVIA® 2120i Hematology System enables high-throughput CBC, differential, reticulocyte, body fluid, and multispecies testing. Reduce ambiguity, clearly distinguish normal from abnormal, and confidently release results with innovative analytical technologies that support first-pass accuracy. 

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White Blood Cells 

Light scatter, cytochemical staining, and nuclear density on two independent channels provide accurate and specific flagging.

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Red Blood Cells

Laser light scatter enables quantitative morphology flagging for sensitive and specific detection of minority cell populations.

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The combination of laser light scatter and nucleic acid dye (oxadine 750) enables real-time assessment of erythropoietic activity.

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Analysis by Mie theory enables the discrimination of platelets and red cells above the typical cutoff of 30 fL.

Increase workforce productivity through advanced integration

From digital morphology and data management to total lab automation, Siemens Healthineers extended portfolio can reduce time-consuming manual touchpoints across hematology testing for labs of all sizes. Integration with the ADVIA 2120i system enables you to standardize operations from start to finish, raising the bar for quality and productivity in your lab.

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Streamline and standardize differential results by automating cell location and preclassification.
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Standardize testing, enhance quality control (QC), and streamline result management with our next-generation software.
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Increase efficiency and achieve consistent turnaround time with highly adaptable, multidisciplinary track configurations.