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    Atellica Data Manager

    Standardize testing and streamline result management

    Digitalizing best practices has never been easier

    Speed and standardize result reviews. Reduce errors. Simplify and strengthen QC management. Enhance clinical decisions. Avoid compliance issues. Enable audit-readiness. More open and scalable than ever before, Atellica® Data Manager enhances visibility and centralizes management across a broad spectrum of multidisciplinary diagnostic networks.

    Do less but accomplish more

    See how one mid-sized community hospital lab has capitalized on innovations in data management to optimize workflow and better utilize staff. Learn why the laboratory director believes that validating results in the middleware is more valuable than doing so in the LIS.*

    Innovations in data management (01:28)

    Learn why Atellica Data Manager stands out in a lab that also has advanced diagnostics and total lab automation. 

    Autovalidation (01:28)

    Learn why the lab director believes that autovalidation has a greater impact on operations than automation. 

    Enhanced QC management (01:06)

    Hear how a user-friendly interface helps increase staff focus, engagement, and motivation.

    Integrated clinical decision support (00:54)

    Learn why the lab director believes that clinical decision-support capabilities are a secret to quality.

    Proven by labs around the world

    Siemens Healthineers has decades of experience implementing advanced data management and digitalizing best practices in multidisciplinary labs. Since 1998, more than 20001 labs in 68 countries have trusted successive generations of this robust software to reduce unwarranted variation, optimize clinical operations, and increase workforce productivity. 

    Dr. Weijia Wang
    Dr. Gustavo Dip
    Dr. Gustavo Dip
    Dr. Gustavo Dip
    Dr. Gustavo Dip
    Susan Dawson

    Make time for a closer look

    Browsing exhibits at an industry conference can sometimes identify subjects and solutions that require more time, education, and consideration. Make plans now for in-depth learning at a later date using the following on-demand resources: 

    Earn CEU credits at an AACC on-demand webinar

    Learn more in an on-demand webinar

    Introducing new workflow and result-management software in a 24/7 multidisciplinary laboratory can be a challenge. People play a critical role in innovation and effective technology integration. This on-demand webinar examines lessons learned for managing change in a data-driven lab with a history of continuous improvement.

    Self-guided learning

    Self-guided learning

    A virtual software demo led by a Siemens Healthineers expert may be the fastest and easiest way to learn about Atellica Data Manager. But if your calendar is overcommitted, you can review the components, features, and benefits of this solution at your own pace.

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