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    Aptio Automation

    Bring proven experience to total lab automation

    Aptio® Automation combines intelligent technologies with Siemens Healthineers workflow expertise to deliver flexible solutions that advance laboratory productivity.

    New possibilities: Change how you operate

    By providing a full complement of pre- and post-analytical sample-processing modules along with comprehensive analytics in flexible, highly customizable track configurations, Aptio Automation is designed to address the needs of medium- to very-high-volume laboratories.

    Aptio AutomationPost-analytical OptionsFlexible Track DesignOpen Multidisciplinary TestingPre-analytical OptionsSmarter OperationsExpert Consulting and Project ManagementProven Experience
    1. Flexible Track


    2. Smarter Operations
      Move beyond simple mechanization with sample delivery, processing, and storage/retrieval driven by intelligent automation. Use integrated IT and rules-based informatics to increase productivity and quality.
    3. Expert Consulting
      Count on a smooth evolution, guided by the best practices of an experienced partner that delivers customized consulting and expert project management, from planning to post-implementation optimization.

    Real opportunities: Consider what you can achieve

    Large and small laboratories are reaping the benefits of consolidated, open, multidisciplinary testing as part of an Aptio Total Laboratory Automation (TLA) solution. The following short videos quantify improved staff productivity, reduced turnaround times, and increased testing capacity achieved in large and small labs around the world.* 

    NHS Tayside, Ninewells Hospital (01:34)

    Scottish lab supports a network of 22 hospitals/infirmaries and 69 general-practice sites serving a population of 480,000.

    North Memorial Healthcare (01:25)

    Level One Trauma Center in a U.S. community hospital expands outpatient services to increase revenue and rival reference labs.

    Labor Blackholm MVZ (01:01)

    Independent reference lab in Germany improves TAT for 7+ million chemistry and immunoassay tests/year.

    Falu Lasarett (01:05)

    500-bed community hospital in Sweden automates hemostasis testing.

    Start planning your transformation

    Browsing exhibits at an industry conference can identify topics that require more thorough examination. To fully appreciate the tremendous flexibility that Aptio Automation offers in terms of open multidisciplinary connectivity, pre- and post-analytical processing options, and overall track design, you’ll want to download these technical brochures for further consideration.  

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