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We advance sustainability in healthcare IT 

With a local presence in more than 70 countries, we want to be part of your sustainability journey going forward: to help you reach more patients, diagnose diseases earlier, and make healthcare more affordable and accessible for underserved communities. Here are just some examples of how we are expanding access around the world:

Innovative automation, digital, and workforce solutions enable health workers to work more efficiently and confidently. Advanced imaging software combined with the latest AI tools will boost productivity to free up time for staff to focus on what matters most – today and tomorrow – with new tools like Generative AI. Remote technologies such as syngo Virtual Cockpit offer staff the flexibility to work from preferred locations more confidently. And we help healthcare workers to upskill with hybrid learning solutions or to schedule shifts optimally and leverage FlexForce Tech, our workforce service, bringing licensed, highly skilled radiographers to support them onsite. 

Read the paper 'Do no harm' to the planet - Making healthcare more environmentally sustainable

For more insights into preserving the planet’s resources, read this paper and learn how hospitals can be more environmentally sustainable.

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