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Initial Test for HCC Surveillance - MRI or CEUS? | The DAX Probe - A CEUS Game Changer

About this session

Nodules Identified on Surveillance Ultrasound for HCC:  CEUS or MRI as the Initial Test? 

Liver cancer occurs in a well-recognized high-risk population with chronic liver disease making surveillance US at 6 monthly intervals a reality. Discovery of a nodule on surveillance US is followed by a contrast enhanced imaging examination. AASLD recommends MR for this purpose. WE propose that US with CEUS is more optimal as it utilizes the same modality for surveillance and characterization. In this presentation, we show our results in a prospective study of over 200 patients with positive surveillance US who underwent both CEUS and MRI to demonstrate the exceptional advantages of CEUS for this purpose.

The DAX Probe - A Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) Game Changer

High BMI and fatty liver both provide increased challenges for optimal body imaging, especially for ultrasound (US). With conventional equipment, penetration and imaging at depth is a major technical limitation in Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) exams; often resulting in inconclusive results or additional follow-up to other imaging modalities. In this presentation, we compare multiple attributes such as penetration, bubble life duration, bubble sensitivity, and lesion characterization between standard ultrasound probes versus the Deep Abdominal Transducer (DAX). Join us as we share our results and solution to overcome issues of penetration at depth in CEUS with high diagnostic accuracy creating significant quality improvement impacting management, diagnosis and treatment. The DAX probe is a GAME CHANGER!!  

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