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30 min

How established does an examination method need to be before it is integrated in breast cancer screening programs?

About this session

The European breast cancer screening program has been in place for more than 20 years and has largely followed the same screening method: 2D FFDM with two projections every two years for nearly all women in a certain age group. Over the years, more differentiated, personalized, and IT-supported examination procedures have been developed and clinically tested. 

In this symposium, experts will discuss when and how European guidelines will be updated to reflect new clinical experience, scientific evidence, and technological developments.

We will explore the following questions from different perspectives: 

  • Why haven’t breast MRIs been established for dense breasts?
  • How Ultrasound has proven its benefits, efficiency and reliability as a tool to be used in a screening program?
  • Why patients value new implementation and what benefit it brings to involve patients in guideline improvements.
  • Why has tomosynthesis not yet been implemented in screening?
  • How to implement AI in mammography screening?
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