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45 min
Panel discussion

Achieve better clinical outcomes and improve the patient experience by addressing emotional cancer care

About this session 

"I'm just seen as a ‘cancer’ case, like I don't even exist apart from cancer anymore. I have a whole other life." Statement from a cancer patient.

We’re progressing in terms of efficient and personalized cancer care, but we often manage the patient’s anxiety and experience separately from the oncology pathway and end up overlooking emotional care. 

The panel will re-think cancer care and the patient experience. We’ll discuss how integrated approaches involving technology plus jointly agreed-on treatment could support patients and clinicians along the entire oncological pathway. 

With interaction from the audience, panel members – including patient representatives, a psycho-oncologist, and medical technologists – will look beyond their horizons and discuss the question: How can the patient’s experience of care be improved along the cancer pathway?

Learning Objectives:
1. The patient experience in diagnostics: imaging and biopsy 
2. Emotional care building-blocks of the patient’s engagement with treatment 
3. Interactions between healthcare professionals and patients (radiologists and clinicians working together) can be improved by supporting the well-being of care teams and improving teamwor    

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ECR - March 1, 2023 
At Siemens Healthineers, we are striving to create a world without the fear of cancer. As we address a variety of cancer types, we are re-thinking Breast Care Day in broader terms and have evolved it into a completely new and holistic Cancer Care Day format for ECR 2023.