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15 min
Expert Talk

Outcome Driven Imaging and Information System: the blueprint for building a smarter and more connected  healthcare 

ODIS is our networked care model that brings together human activities, knowledge, and information technology. We will discuss the concept of ODIS – an Outcome Driven Imaging and Information System - and its impact on a truly connected healthcare experience. We will also look into the elements of ODIS, including its imaging platform, analytics and reporting tools, and digital health applications. We will learn how these components work together to provide a patient-centric view of healthcare delivery. Finally, we will touch upon the future of ODIS and how Siemens Healthineers plans to continue pushing the boundaries of healthcare innovation. This talk will be informative not only for healthcare professionals, but anyone interested in the latest advancements in digital health technology.

Enterprise imaging and reporting
Data integration and digital health platforms
Health information exchange
Cybersecurity, data protection and data privacy
Operational and clinical decision support
Virtual Care / Tele-health
HIMSS 2023