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Donald Gintzig on “Improving the health and well-being of the community”

About this session

Every day, millions of people, often from the most marginalized populations in society, struggle to access health services and achieve positive health outcome. So, exactly how do we increase health equity?

It is not a challenge to handle alone. Donald Gintzig, CEO and President of WakeMed highlighted the importance of understanding the exact situation of the population you serve. That silos need to be broken down with a collaborative, not a competitive mindset, to make any impact. Providers need to identify their strengths and seek partner solutions for weaknesses. In this, partnerships are key to close healthcare disparity and deliver “care for all.”

Donald Gintzig shares WakeMed Health & Hospitals’ vision on how to come closer to improve the health and well-being of the community through partnerships.

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Digitalizing healthcare
Innovating personalized care
Patient experience
Transforming the system of care