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May 18 - 22, 2025
Brussels, Belgium

EuroMedLab 2025

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We ❤ the lab

But it’s a tough place to work right now. It’s difficult to attract and retain a skilled workforce, and current staff are experiencing high levels of burnout. Just simplifying operations won’t solve these issues. Care team well-being includes a safe, predictable workplace. One with a reduced burden of stringent regulatory requirements and full of development opportunities. Visit us and learn how to improve the morale and safety of your team – and care for our planet – all while making the lab the hero of the health system.

Workforce shortage is one of the biggest challenges for healthcare systems around the globe. Watch for four ways to improve and address the issue from a thought leader in healthcare. 

Did you know our sustainability initiatives span the globe? Discover how green initiatives help improve your lab’s environmental footprint without compromising workflow, quality, or safety. 

Start by eliminating daily maintenance and reducing the amount of valuable technician time that gets spent at the analyzer with automation.1 Then, use intelligence to empower staff of all skill levels to rapidly act on results. 

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Standardization across a health network

is shared reagents, common user interfaces, and reduced training needs. With continued consolidation of healthcare organizations and the ever-changing dynamics of the clinical diagnostics market, today’s laboratories must be agile–going beyond just standardization. 

Powered for workflow and workforce efficiency, the Atellica® Solution delivers control and simplicity so you can drive better outcomes. Join our expert for a high-level overview of Atellica Integrated Automation. 

  • A broad menu of high-quality, automated allergy, specialty, and routine assays
  • Automated maintenance, no-pause sampling, and 90-day onboard stability increases workflow efficiency
  • Easy-to-use software

Save time and money by consolidating middleware with a truly open solution. Enhanced data analytics ensure quality control and integrated e-learning streamlines staff training. This centralized approach to data, device, and staff management enables efficient workflows and informed decisions, faster.

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Meeting guidelines and turnaround time goals with confidence can be one of the lab’s greatest challenges. 

with chest pain are experiencing an AMI.2 The other nine are taking up an ED bed waiting to be discharged. Clinicians are waiting on actionable test results to effectively treat patients – in the surgical suite, wards, or the ED. Meeting guidelines and TAT goals with confidence can be one of the lab’s greatest challenges. 

Whether it's a full cardiac menu with results in minutes in the lab, or an 8-minute venous or fingerstick high-sensitivity troponin I at the point of care, Siemens Healthineers offers access to manage cardiac patients with increased speed, insight and confidence–no matter where you are.

To meet the age-old problem of increasing test volumes, Dr. Lal Pathlabs typically added instruments. Today this high-volume reference network in India has a modern solution.

Patient-side testing is about more than a location. It’s staying focused on the patient. The epoc® Blood Analysis System connects the entire team, so it doesn’t matter if the laboratory staff and caregivers work in different parts of the hospital. With the epoc System, they stand together to advance care delivery. 

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Learn how Siemens Healthineers can help you address the growing prevalence of chronic diseases.

non-communicable diseases will cost the world $30 trillion by 2030.3 Not only did the pandemic delay care for chronic disease patients, but it brought about further democratization of testing. Patients with liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and allergies are taking command of their health. Clinicians are looking for tools for risk assessment. 

Utility of noninvasive tests such as the ELF Test in the NALFD/NASH patient referral pathway.

In this 5-part YouTube series, learn about the earliest urine tests to the invention of modern urinalysis in the 1950s, all the way to the future of urinalysis. Along the way, you'll learn about the importance of urine testing: a true liquid lens into our health. 

While the majority of von Willebrand disease (VWD) patients suffer from a congenital, lifelong bleeding disorder, certain chronic diseases and therapies can lead to acquired VWD. Check out our resources for recent testing guidelines and advancements in VWD diagnostics. 

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The Brussels Exhibition Centre at the Brussels Expo. Photo credit: www.visit.brussels

EUROMEDLAB Brussels 2025

  • 26th IFCC-EFLM EuroMedLab Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
  • 49th Annual Meeting of the Royal Belgian Society of Laboratory Medicine

Congress Dates: 18-22 May 2025
Exhibition Dates: 19-22 May 2025
Venue: Brussels Expo  Map

Hosted by

  • European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM)
  • International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC)
  • Royal Belgian Society of Laboratory Medicine (RBSLM)