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Joins us at TIAFT Congress 2024

Conference dates: 2 – 6 September, 2024
Location: St. Gallen, Switzerland
Venue: Olma Messen

Viva-ProE® System with EMIT® bench-top system

Viva-ProE® System with EMIT® technology

The Viva-ProE® System with EMIT® technology helps to optimize your facility’s drug-testing performance by delivering efficient results through a compact benchtop design. The Viva-ProE System supports a flexible approach to dedicated drug-testing analysis, enabling greater ease of use, workstation efficiency, and a full drug-testing menu, all in one powerful system.

The Atellica® CH 930 Analyzer with EMIT® technology

The Atellica® CH 930 Analyzer with EMIT® technology 

The Atellica® CH 930 Analyzer with EMIT® technology provides flexible testing for a variety of toxicology labs. The system is available with Atellica Integrated Automation to streamline critical pre- and post-analytical tasks, including decapping, sealing and automatic sorting for drug confirmation testing, with little to no additional footprint. The system offers a full drug-testing menu with high precision, accuracy, and reproducibility.


Syva® Emit® reagents

Since 1972, Syva® Emit® has been the trusted brand in drug testing. Syva Emit reagents are among the most widely used and extensively validated reagents in the industry. Siemens Healthineers has a comprehensive menu to meet the needs of a variety of testing environments.

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