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With teamplay Images, you can quickly share DICOM data, allowing you to respond and direct cases to the clinicians for feedback and consultation.3

  • Benefit from the experience of your experts in single video call or chat
  • Share studies and comment directly on them, reducing time spent on complex cases
  • Ensure future-readiness with access to transformative and AI-powered applications for data- processing and analyzation 
IPad teamplay

With teamplay Images, you have multiple interfacing solutions so you can best manage how you communicate about case studies

  • Use our intuitive mobile application, created around the DICOM imaging structure.
  • Access our browser application, streamlined for desktop usage.
  • Switch seamlessly between the desktop, tablet, and even a mobile application3.

Instead of using a consumer level chat application for important patient discussions, teamplay Images can create an environment made for the medical community5,6,7,8

  • Be protected right from the beginning with our secured and regulatory-compliant teamplay digital health platform.
  • Choose the appropriate privacy setting to facilitate patient data security.
  • Keep your data protected with centrally managed service operations. 

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