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    Syngo Carbon

    The connecting element that gives rise to knowledge

    Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for your imaging and data management? Syngo Carbon1 connects what is not connected yet. It brings all imaging disciplines into one and enables access to all relevant data – across departments and responsibilities to meet certain decisions along the patient pathway. 

    Are you facing IT and data challenges along your patient's pathway?


    Is your IT landscape scattered?

    Are there additional tools needed to let systems “talk” to each other?

    Is the number of running systems to take care of a cost driver?


    Is your data stored in silos and not always accessible?

    Do your different tools have different user interfaces that are not easy to use?

    Do you feel like managing data around departments and not around your patients?


    Has the number of cases increased over time?

    Are you concerned if all your patient’s data is available?

    Do referrers need insightful and reproducible diagnostic results?


    Are your diverse departments working in different IT structures that limit cooperation?

    Is the information stored in free format with no actionable structure?

    Is the data sometimes not easily accessible?

    But what’s this element that brings all together?

    Syngo Carbon opens up a wide range of possibilities in image interpretation, reporting, AI implementation, data management, archiving and migration, including unique access to innovation platforms, open source and third-party functionality, and the most up-to-date software available.

    If you know better, you can do better. That’s how to achieve better patient care. With Syngo Carbon, we help you to empower growing knowledge from data.

    Syngo Carbon enables you growing knowledge from data. It is a new species that goes far beyond PACS.

    Nearly every hospital has fragmented data sources, PACS, and information systems in different clinical departments.

    With Syngo Carbon, you connect your separated departmental systems, multiple reading applications, and data silos into one enterprise solution. 

    Unleash the power of Siemens Healthineers Syngo Carbon in three simple steps

    Many into one

    Start – All starts with our Open Patient Data Model. It is the foundation to leverage the data of your existing and future tool landscape. On top is our unified reading environment providing easy access to image interpretation. 

    Just use it 

    Use – Syngo Carbon fits your needs. Easily choose the modules and functionalities that are relevant for your daily routine. Build up your individual environment and make your staff collaborate across your enterprise to meet best treatment possible.

    Access all areas

    Connect – Utilize remote access technologies with remote scanning, patient and physician portals, and point of care (POC) imaging access. With this, you are able to reduce the impact of staff shortage, increase patient and physician engagement to improve clinical cooperation.

    Do you want to experience Syngo Carbon? Join us for our Innovation Talk.