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We advance sustainability in radiology

Magnetom Flow

Launched at ECR 2024, MAGNETOM Flow is our pioneering next-generation 1.5T 60 cm MRI platform that Empowers You with a game-changing new flow for daily care. This platform expands our helium-free DryCool Technology to 1.5T and significantly reduces energy consumption, making it our most sustainable MRI ever.1


Healthcare consumes energy. We’ve helped DIE RADIOLOGIE, a leading German radiology practices network, reduce scan times and energy consumption by 43%, lowering costs while operating at peak efficiency2. Because every action to preserve resources counts, we create new possibilities in a world of limited resources. See how DIE RADIOLOGIE lowered their energy consumption for a more sustainable radiology department.

San Francisco

Healthcare accounts for nearly 5% of global CO2 emissions. The advanced technology used in radiology departments is especially energy-intensive, with MRI systems consuming the most energy. Our latest generation MRI scanners are equipped with a “power save” mode, a novel feature that decreases power use by up to 28% when compared to “off” mode. We've partnered with University of California San Francisco to turn the vision of achieving the first carbon-neutral radiology service into reality.

Basel, Switzerland

Research at University Hospital Basel, Switzerland, has identified numerous ways of making imaging more sustainable in radiology. We work closely with Professor Elmar Merkle, Head of the Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Department and one of our guest speakers at ECR, regarding energy consumption in medical imaging.


In this session, we will discuss some concrete steps that one could take, an outlook for the future, and why embracing sustainable radiology solutions for a better tomorrow is a journey worth embarking on today.

Friday, March 1st 2024, 9.30 - 10.00

Fostering a circular economy and sustainable life cycle

We also preserve resources by actively reusing materials whenever possible to give our systems and components a second life. Through Options & Upgrades, we can extend the lifetime of systems to save resources while staying innovative. Find out about the energy-saving potential for your installed systems with live Asset Planning Sessions – now available for both MR and CT systems. Discover more: 

Read the paper 'Do no harm' to the planet - Making healthcare more environmentally sustainable

For more insights into preserving the planet’s resources, read this paper and learn how hospitals can be more environmentally sustainable.

SOMATOM Pro.Pulse product image

Our new SOMATOM Pro.Pulse3 is designed to deliver the unique benefits of Dual Source technology to more customer groups such as community hospitals and rural areas due to its simple operation and its low TCO, which is comparable to that of Single Source CT. Our new lightweight and portable ACUSON Maple makes high-quality ultrasound imaging more affordable and is available in a wide variety of critical contexts, from rural clinics and fleet management to emergency responses and disaster zones. 

Here are just some examples of how we are expanding access around the world:

Strengthening health workers' capacity and capabilities

Innovative automation, digital, and workforce solutions enable health workers to work more efficiently and confidently. Advanced imaging software combined with the latest AI tools will boost productivity to free up time for staff to focus on what matters most – today and tomorrow – with new tools like Generative AI. Remote technologies such as syngo Virtual Cockpit offer staff the flexibility to work from preferred locations more confidently. And we help healthcare workers to upskill with hybrid learning solutions or to schedule shifts optimally and leverage FlexForce Tech, our workforce service, bringing licensed, highly skilled radiographers to support them onsite. 

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