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Experience outcomes that matter along 
the smart imaging 
value chain


As a leader in the healthcare industry, we are leveraging digitalization and automation at scale, in order to create a smart imaging value chain: supporting our customers in delivering efficient and actionable decision-making and improving patient outcomes.

Today, the imaging value chain faces challenges in multiple areas. There is a need to ensure the appropriateness of patient pathways and workflows, a demand for consistency of acquisition and reporting, and a desire to automate processes while maintaining radiation safety and reducing variations to improve patient satisfaction.

With our solutions, we intend to create value and efficiency across the customer’s imaging chain, making it smart and allowing our customers to experience better outcomes in the area of patient diagnostics, business performance, and clinical collaborations.

Performance outcomes

Modern solutions for outstanding performance outcomes.

Streamline operations to unlock productivity gains

Move knowledge, not staff

Diagnostic outcomes

Manage your data load to support diagnostic outcomes.

The connecting element that gives rise to knowledge

Providing multi-modality imaging decision support

Collaborative outcomes

Connect care systems and drive collaborative outcomes.

Applications for care collaboration and patient engagement

Share and discuss images in a secure environment 

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