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60 min
ACV Level 1 Room M1

Empowering the future of MRI

About this session

The world and healthcare are undergoing a radical transformation. For you as care provides this results in increasing pressure due to a growing demand for high-quality MRI while being challenged by the global shortage of skilled workers. Yet, change always brings opportunities. Join us and find out how our latest innovations in 1.5T and our AI-powered Deep Resolve fundamentally transform MRI.

  • Empowering the future of MRI, 20 min
    • Donald Hardie / Erlangen, Germany
  • The future of 1.5T MRI – a clinical perspective, 20 min
    • Markus Kopp, Erlangen / Germany
  • How Deep Resolve cleans up k-space for faster, better, more sustainable MRI. , 20min
    • Saif Afat, Tübingen / Germany
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