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5 min

Digitalization, transforming the healthcare culture 

About this session

The digital transformation of healthcare is enabling more personalized and patient-centered care through the use of platforms and services that connect disparate systems through interoperability. 

The Brazilian healthcare system faces many of the same challenges as other healthcare systems, including the need for systems to be able to communicate with each other while addressing concerns about data security and handling big data. Learn from Roberta Siufi, COO of AFIP, how they are addressing these challenges and their experience working with Siemens Healthineers and its platform solutions.

Enterprise imaging and reporting
Laboratory Diagnostics IT
POC Informatics
Data integration and digital health platforms
Health information exchange
Cybersecurity, data protection and data privacy
Operational and clinical decision support
Virtual Care / Tele-health
Remote patient monitoring
Value Partnerships
Public-Private Partnerships
Healthcare Consulting