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12 min
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Creating more Value with Value Partnerships

About this session

The purpose of this session is to take you from the fundamentals of holistic technology management to the unique and innovative aspects of long-term, performance-oriented partnerships to create more value in healthcare today. This presentation will cover some examples derived from the implementation of success stories about operational excellence, digitalization, facility design and planning, change management and strategy, finance and business models, consulting, among others, to make healthcare better. How can med-tech and healthcare providers collaborate? What innovations can be added to the process? What is the right phasing to start these partnerships? – These questions and more will be addressed to explain how the concept of Value Partnerships can specifically help customers today, showcasing real examples of partnerships, outcomes, and customer voices around the world.

Value Partnerships
Achieving operational excellence
Digitalizing healthcare
Innovating personalized care
Patient experience
Transforming the system of care
Endovascular Robotics
Computed Tomography
Imaging for Radiation Therapy
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Mobile C-Arms
Nuclear Medicine
Options & Upgrades
Radiation Therapy
Laboratory Automation
Artificial Intelligence
data protection and data privacy
Digital Health Solutions
Workforce & Education Services
Women's Health