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Breast Ultrasound and new 2DSWE technology to reduce false negatives

About this session

Ultrasound is a front-line imaging modality in diagnosing breast cancer, especially in women with dense breasts, providing with a high resolution B-mode imaging. Ultrasound 2D Shear Wave Elastography (2DSWE) can also be used as a non invasive technology to assess breast cancer.

However, across different platforms, a conventional limitation of 2D-SWE in breast imaging is an artifact seen in very stiff lesions. These very stiff lesions can limit the expected propagation of shear waves and appear as blue or soft on the elastogram. Therefore, these lesions have become known as blue cancers.

Next Gen 2D-SWE significantly improves the sensitivity of the elastography technique, virtually eliminating blue cancers seen with conventional 2D-SWE.

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