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MAGNETOM Free.Star – MRI for all.

As an extremely powerful imaging tool, MRI has proven to play a pivotal role in the fight against many of our world’s most prevalent diseases. But the cost and complexity of deploying conventional MR scanners limits its reach. As a result, more than 50%2 of people on our planet still have no access to this potentially life-changing technology. And those who do have access must often endure long waiting times and travels based on the current availability. So, if we really want to change this, we need to rethink MRI.

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Global statistics clearly show that there is an urgent need to expand access to MRI. Every year 10 million people die from cancer, one in four2 people suffer from neurological diseases and 1.7 billion people are affected by orthopedic injuries2. MAGNETOM Free.Star1 is a new breed of scanner that can be deployed to truly improve lives by helping to diagnose and treat these and further of world’s most prevalent diseases.

MAGNETOM Free.Star1 is a new breed of scanner with an ultra-compact footprint that is far easier and more cost-effective to site. Thanks to this unique design, it can even be provided as a plug-and-play turnkey solution that eliminates the need for a dedicated building infrastructure.3,4


MAGNETOM Free.Star1 innovates with simplicity. Based on our DryCool technology, it is a virtually helium-free scanner with an ultra-compact footprint that is far easier and more cost-effective to site.  

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MAGNETOM Free.Star1 is also available as a plug & play turnkey solution3 – enabling you to offer MRI services even independent from your building infrastructure.

MAGNETOM Free.Star1 harnesses the power of the very latest digitalization technologies to enable for true push-button operations. And to give even more people access to MRI, Siemens Healthineers can assist the entire diagnostic workflow from scanning to diagnostic reading.

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Leveraging the full power of our revolutionary new High-V MRI platform, MAGNETOM Free.Star1 dramatically reduces the costs and complexity associated with conventional solutions. It is a new breed of scanner that truly enables a future of affordable MRI for all.

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