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Magnetom Flow Helium Free

MAGNETOM Flow. platform brings a helium-free2 1.5T MRI scanner based on our DryCool technology. With only 0.7l of liquid helium, the sealed-for-life magnet design means no helium refill is needed. This is truly a sustainable solution with freedom from helium.

MAGNETOM Flow most energy efficient

As pioneers in energy saving solutions in MRI, we make it easy to be sustainable. The System Start-up timer ensures a smooth start in the morning without delay. Our powerful Eco Power Mode brings significant energy savings during non-working hours. Overall, MAGNETOM Flow brings 30-40% energy savings annually3 compared to previous generations.

MAGNETOM Flow. platform with no quench-pipe and an ultra-compact footprint of only 24m2 empowers healthcare providers with a more cost-effective siting possibility. This opens new opportunities to deploy and site new scanners to meet the increasing demand for MRI.

Deep Resolve

Deep Resolve is our award-winning deep learning image reconstruction technology. With Deep Resolve, you can shorten scan times by up to 60% while maintaining image quality.

The time you save per scan equals the energy you save - up to 60%! This accumulates to significant average energy savings per year.

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