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Siemens Healthineers at ISTH 2023

Watch teaser: CN-3000/6000 Systems Giants on the inside

With the smallest footprint available in the hemostasis market,2 a throughput of 450 PT tests per hour, intelligent software, and flexible connectivity and throughput options, they are our smallest,2 fastest,3 smartest4 and most flexible5 hemostasis analyzers yet. Join this session to experience the new CN-3000 and CN-6000 Hemostasis Systems1 from Siemens Healthineers and hear about first customers' experiences. 

Scalable coagulation analyzer portfolio

Our coagulation analyzer portfolio streamlines testing and allows standardized results across low-, mid-, and high-volume analyzers for multisite labs. 

Mid- and high-volume coagulation systems that combine fast, smart, and flexible testing in a small footprint.

Mid-volume, fully automated solution featuring smartly designed technologies, including PSI® checks.

High-volume, fully automated solution featuring PSI® technology and automation connectivity.

Watch teaser: How connecting coagulation analyzers to an automation track helps saving 4h/day hands-on time and makes specialty parameters available 24/7.

Automating hemostasis testing assists in streamline your processes, reduces hands-on time, supports efficient testing, and expands your testing menu. Hear how two customers from Falun, Finland, and Aarau, Switzerland, enhanced their hemostasis testing by connecting coagulation analyzers to an automation track.

Explore lab automation solutions

Whether you require a stand-alone hemostasis solution, automated hemostasis testing, or hemostasis testing combined with specific or multidisciplinary testing enhanced by digitalization, we can provide it all. 

A broad portfolio of scalable and customizable automation solutions to streamline single-discipline or multidisciplinary workflows in labs of all sizes. 

In collaboration with several healthcare institutions, Siemens Healthineers is actively leveraging machine learning and computerized reasoning in the development of AI-driven clinical decision support tools that can be potentially integrated into the existing test-order/result-review workflow.

By combining relevant patient information, labs have the potential to generate disease-specific patient probability scores to help alert physicians to areas of concern and/or potential patient risk or diagnosis. In his recent poster, Dr. Raj Gopalan explored the potential of AI in predicting the risk of coagulation disorders. Located below is a complimentary downloadable poster that unpacks the details around AI-driven clinical decision support in coagulation. 

IT solutions that can help optimize your lab processes

Let us help you digitalize your lab operations.

Scalable, easy-to-use solutions to simplify tasks and maximize the effectiveness of your laboratory and staff. 

INNOVANCE® VWF Ac assay employs an advanced new technology, allowing the assay to mimic the way in which VWF binds to glycoprotein Ib (GPIb), the major VWF receptor protein on platelets. Because the recombinant receptor protein includes two gain-of-function mutations, the assay does not require ristocetin. 

While the majority of von Willebrand disease (VWD) patients suffer from a congenital, lifelong bleeding disorder, certain chronic diseases and therapies can lead to acquired VWD. Check out our resources for recent testing guidelines and advancements in VWD diagnostics.  

Explore our unparalleled bleeding portfolio

Streamline the diagnostic testing arond primary and secondary hemostasis with tests for acquired and congenital bleeding risk assessment from one provider.

Take VWF diagnostics to the next level with a highly innovative, sensitive and precise initial von Willebrand disease testing panel.

A platelet function analyzer for automated assessment of inherited, acquired, or drug-induced platelet dysfunction.

An innovation that makes aggregation testing more manageable, reliable, and standardized.

A comprehensive bleeding risk assessment portfolio of systems and assays. 

Streamline Anti-Xa testing

To monitor and manage bleeding risks, safeguard anticoagulant therapies such as heparin or direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) by testing patients for a growing number of agents using just one assay.

Abstract: The INNOVANCE Anti-Xa assay1 in combination with drug-specific standards and controls is used for the quantitative determination of heparins, rivaroxaban, and apixaban in human citrated plasma. Respective applications for automated analyzers are based on a chromogenic assay principle. For the quantitative determination of edoxaban, new applications employing edoxaban-containing standards and controls are under development. Aim of the studies was to assess the performance of these new edoxaban applications.6

An assay that simplifies anticoagulant testing, with a combined solution for heparin and DOAC testing. Test for UFH, LMW, apixaban, rivaroxaban, and edoxaban with just one assay.6

Siemens Healthineers Hemostasis Learning Institute

As a leader in hemostasis testing, Siemens Healthineers passionately supports hemostasis research and continued education through our Hemostasis Learning Institute.

The Siemens Healthineers Hemostasis Learning Institute offers self-paced, on-demand courses developed in collaboration with experts in the field and feature a constantly evolving curriculum to ensure topics and guidelines stay relevant.

At the Hemostasis Learning Institute, you will be able to:

  • Personalize your education based on your knowledge level and schedule.
  • Complete courses on our easy-to-use platform to earn your certificate. 
  • Receive access to the next level of learning.

 The first classes launch in 2023.

Benefit from more training opportunities

Watch webinars with independent third-party speakers or Siemens Healthineers experts.

Browse our industry portal for ISTH-approved, free educational content ranging from basic coagulation concepts to current scientific topics.

Watch recordings of our ISTH presentation theater sessions on IVDR implementation or book a training class. 

Learn about the effect of COVID-19 on coagulation.

Join renowned speakers in five sessions to gain insights into the latest developments in hemostasis testing and the management of coagulation disorders. 

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