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Apr 23 - 25, 2024
ExCeL London, London, United Kingdom

Charing Cross Symposium 2024

London, UK
London, UK

Date: April 23 - 25, 2024
Location: London, United Kingdom
Venue: ExCeL London
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Vascular Surgery Equipment

Our fixed C-arms with procedural intelligence have been designed to simplify endovascular treatment. They allow you to standardize vascular workflows for routine procedures and guide you through complex cases for excellent patient outcomes. 

Increasing complexity of EVAR repair
Patient demand for complex EVAR procedures is rapidly increasing. Endovascular stent grafts are already the treatment of choice for up to 80% of aortic aneurysm cases in the U.S. today1. We offer a portfolio of Hybrid OR solutions that help standardize all of your workflows, enabling you to perform complex treatment on a routine basis. 

surgery Artis pheno

As a unique robotic C-arm, ARTIS pheno helps you transform care delivery by adding great versatility to the Hybrid OR. Ready to help you perform both standard and difficult approaches, ARTIS pheno accommodates highly diverse procedures, disciplines, or patient positions. 

  • Ready for current and future demands
  • Advance your case mix
  • Optimize clinical operations
  • Maintain infection control

Graphic that shows how OPTIQ automatically chooses the best suitable exposure parameters for constant image quality at low dose

With increasing patient attenuation, the conventional detector-dose-driven exposure control leads to a reduction of image quality – even in the average patient thickness range between 20 – 30 cm.
Our newly developed exposure control OPTIQ uses a contrast-based technique, supported by intelligent, self-adjusting algorithms. It automatically considers SID, collimation settings, grid status, and patient thickness – and finds and applies the best suitable combination of the 5 radiation exposure parameters and the detector dose as an additional variable. This new exposure control constantly aims to achieve the requested contrast-to-noise ratio at the lowest possible dose.
The basis for this complex functionality is a vast database containing 300 million entries. With every image acquisition, the system checks up to 15,000 possible parameter combinations with the goal to select the most dose-efficient one for a specific imaging situation. 

Hybrid OR

You intend to build a new or enhance your existing Hybrid OR?

Thanks to 15 years of experience gained from more than 1,350 Hybrid OR installations in 60 countries and supported by many vital industry and clinical partnerships we are prepared to be your trusted partner.

You can benefit from our solutions tailored to your needs – from ideation to implementation and routine operations.

Leverage our skills in technical, clinical, and economical Hybrid OR planning. Choose from a comprehensive portfolio of state-of-the-art Hybrid OR technologies as well as dedicated education and service solutions.

We are looking forward to creating your individual Hybrid OR solution together with you!

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