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    Siemens Healthineers Biograph Vision3.2 mm LSO crystalsOptiso UDR detectorCT capabilityExclusive bed design and wide boreiMARSAFIREWhole-body dynamic imagingQualityGuardFlowMotion AIFAST PET Workflow AIMultiparametric PET Suite AIOncoFreeze™ / OncoFreeze AI
    1. 3.2 mm LSO crystals
      For improved, more precise imaging
    2. Optiso UDR detector
      100% SiPM coverage of the LSO array
    3. CT capability
      Definition class CT offers 40-, 64-, or 128-Edge-slice CT configurations
    4. Exclusive bed design and wide bore
      Zero differential deflection for accurate attenuation correction and TG-66 compliant along with a 78-cm bore to support bariatric imaging and easier positioning of radiation oncology devices
    5. iMAR (Optional)
      Iterative algorithm for metal artifact reduction
    6. SAFIRE (Optional)
      CT iterative reconstruction to reduce dose and maintain image quality
    7. Whole-body dynamic imaging (Optional)
      Routine whole-body dynamic imaging enable by FlowMotion™ continuous bed motion
    8. QualityGuard (Optional)
      Uses intrinsic radioactive properties of Lutetium present on LSO detectors to automatically calibrate itself
    9. FlowMotion AI (Optional)
      Personalize scans based on anatomy and standardize imaging protocols based on indication
    10. FAST PET Workflow AI (Optional)
      Creation of Auto Ranges and Auto Data Export
    11. Multiparametric PET Suite AI (Optional)
      Adds the metabolic rate and distribution volume to the standard SUV image without the need for an invasive measurement
    12. OncoFreeze™ / OncoFreeze AI (Optional)
      Motion management without extending scan time and, if preferred, without the need for a gating device
    Ronald Boellard, PhD University Medical Center Groningen Groningen, The Netherlands
    John Prior, MD, PhD Head of Department, Nuclear Medicine Centre hospitalier universitaire Vaudois CHUV Lausanne, Switzerland


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