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Atellica Task Targeted Automation*

Deliver the right fit, features, and flexibility to advance multidisciplinary workflows in labs with limited space. Atellica® Task Targeted Automation* streamlines mixed sample preparation and enables you to drive open, advanced clinical workflows with robust, customizable, and scalable robotics delivered by the workflow experts at Siemens Healthineers. 

Automate up to 12 tasks

Choose the processing modules that make sense for your lab: check in, inspect, centrifuge, decap, aliquot to and from tubes and/or microplates, perform pre- or post-analytical sorting, recap, track, and archive samples.

Sort to/from 30+ rack styles

Support multidisciplinary diagnostic testing via tube sorting and tracking directly to a broad, open, and expanding range of popular analyzer-specific racks as well as a variety of storage rack styles. 

Leverage your current materials

Support for popular tubes, caps, and SBS standard 96-well microplates** makes it easy for you to incorporate automation, prepare for advanced clinical testing, and support long-term sample storage in your lab.

Customize the Atellica® Task Targeted Automation* cabinet to support the functions you need.
Atellica TTAUser InterfaceRobotic Arm and Bar-code Reader Sample Check Module Recapper Module Decapper Module Multifunctional Aliquot Module Input/Output Drawers Centrifuge Module High Throughput Module Multifunctional Base System
    Customize functionality

    Choose the features and modules required to meet site-specific needs.

    Expand or retrofit the design

    Respond easily to changes in testing performed in the lab by adding modules or functions in the future.

    Move unit easily over time

    A compact footprint and freestanding cabinet make it easy to place or move the unit to the area best-suited to streamline overall workflows. 

    Drive advanced clinical workflows 

    Do more than just mechanize tasks—support intelligent workflows with a solution tailored to your needs by a partner that has consistently improved the speed, simplicity, and efficiency of on- and off-track workflows for large and small laboratories as part of 2200+ automation projects over 20+ years.

    Switch between predefined workstreams throughout the day to support scheduled activities and predictable patterns. Perform sample reception and preliminary sorting each morning, check samples and aliquot to support afternoon send-outs, and/or prepare microplates for biobanking or other batched work.
    Create and/or dispense aliquots to 96-well microplates** for long-term storage and to support biobanking, microbiology, and testing for infectious diseases and drugs of abuse, etc.
    Extend real-time visibility and control of automated sample preparation with Atellica® Process Manager and Atellica® Data Manager.

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