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ARTIS icono ceiling with Xpand will offer an extra level of freedom and flexibility in your angio suite. At the push of a button, you will be able to extend your reach without moving your patient or any other equipment first. Each team member may stay at their favored position and move around freely during a procedure. Arterial arm access could be performed comfortably on both sides of the patient. And when you park the C-arm, it will be truly out of the way.1

Structure Scout enables material-specific imaging – tuning the X-ray spectrum according to the material, e.g. providing dose savings of 22-52% during radiography at high attenuations, while maintaining the contrast to noise ratio of iodine.2

myNeedle Companion is an interventional radiology solution for procedures such as image guided biopsies and percutaneous ablations

Discover the first Siemens Healthineers solution that harmonizes planning and guidance for percutaneous needle procedures across modalities. You can freely choose between CT and angiography systems in every situation – and staff trained to use myNeedle Companion on one modality can use it on all others as well. 

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