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    ARTIS icono

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    Learn more about this system family for a wide variety of procedures. Watch an Innovation Talk with our customer about new workflows in stroke treatment supported by ARTIS icono and its innovative technologies.

    Constant image quality (contrast-to-noise-ratio based) with significant dose reductions 

    OPTIQ enables constant image quality in support of ALARA dose, regardless of procedure, patient size or C-arm angulation1. It is using a contrast-driven technique based on automatic parametrization and intelligent, self-adjusting algorithms. With OPTIQ Flavor, image quality is adjusted according to your personal image preferences.
    Constant image quality (contrast-to-noise-ratio based) with significant dose reductions
    • Proven Siemens Healthineers-unique 5-parameter exposure control automatically adjusts tube parameters to optimize dose efficiency with variable detector entrance dose as an additional parameter.
    • SID and collimation settings are automatically considered.
    • Structure Scout enables material-specific imaging – tuning the X-ray spectrum according to the material, e.g. providing dose savings of 22-52% during radiography at high attenuations, while maintaining the contrast to noise ratio of iodine2.

    Positioning and system flexibility

    ARTIS icono’s multi-axis floor stand offers a new level of positioning flexibility to address the needs for all kind of procedures.
    Positioning and system flexibility

    • Patient coverage of 2.10 m x 1.90 m for 2D imaging
    • Automated, precise, and reproducible (re-)positioning
    • Excellent patient access for all procedures, including radial access
    • Both left- and right-side working positions supported for vascular procedures
    • Excellent head access during complex procedures
    • Extended parking position for easy patient transfer in case of an emergency

    Standardize execution time and results – with Case Flows

    Faster workflows due to procedural intelligence with minimal user interaction. All it takes are 2 simple clicks.

    Standardize execution time and results – with Case Flows

    • Sequence of system settings matching the diagnostic steps and the treatment path: Imaging Parameter, C-arm position, SID, System Position, Zoom factor, Filter/Collimation, Display Layout
    • Open for individual, customized, and personalized Case Flows to support new ideas and demands
    • Can be used for standardization across multiple ARTIS icono labs

    Improved workflows in stroke with ARTIS icono

    Effective stroke treatment requires an optimized and streamlined workflow, which can be supported by ARTIS icono and its impressive technologies. Demetrius Lopes, Director of the Comprehensive Stroke Program at Advocate Health, shares his experiences using the new angiography system and its impact on stroke treatment.