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Alzheimer‘s Disease

How DMT works

All Biograph family PET/CT scanners may play a key role in helping to evaluate the presence of amyloid plaques, which are consistent with an Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosis. In the USA, PETNET Solutions sells and distributes specialized tracers that bind to amyloid plaques to confirm amyloid plaque presence. Confirmation of amyloid plaques enables physicians to potentially identify Alzheimer's as early in the process as possible. There can be challenges of interpreting amyloid clinical cases based on visual assessment alone. syngo.via also delivers unique software, Cortical Analysis, to assist physicians in the evaluation of amyloid plaques.

MRI plays a key role in managing patients along the Alzheimer’s Disease pathway. New pharmaceutical treatments require MRI scans at defined timepoints to monitor for signs of ARIA (amyloid related imaging abnormalities), known side effects associated with these new treatments.6 Every MAGNETOM scanner in our MR portfolio is equipped, out-of-the-box, to handle the scan requirements mandated by these novel therapies. AI-powered technologies such as myExam Brain Assist and Deep Resolve Boost, Sharp and Swift Brain ensure that the scans are fast, automated, and reproducible. AI-Rad Companion Brain MR automates the visualization of anatomy and abnormalities in the brain.

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