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do less. 

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Lighten the load. Ant carrying large leaf. ADLM. Do less.
Assay PCT Reagent Drawer
Atellica Solution Configurations
Atellica Decapper
SLS Scopio X100 X100HT with Monitor

Lighten the load. 

Let Atellica systems handle the heavy lifting. 

With human-centered engineering and smart automation designed for any lab experience level, you can meet your workflow demands with fewer staff.

Critical assays run in 10 minutes or less help meet your KPIs and improve patient care.

Up to 10 components can be combined into more than 300 customizable configurations so you can run with fewer operators.

Powerful workflow efficiency and built-in automation allow you to run with fewer resources.

Less skilled labor required for peripheral blood smear reviews.

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Atellica Solution CH Sample Aspiration
Atellica CI Analyzer Front Rack Handler

Run lean. Run fast.

When maximum throughput matters, an efficient lab is an effective lab.

With next-generation sample management, true STAT handling, and hands-off quality control, the Atellica Portfolio delivers efficient throughput and turn-around time to effectively manage high test volume with speed and agility. Create less work for better workflow.

Bi-directional Atellica Magline allows for sample prioritization so critical results are completed first.

All samples ordered STAT are aspirated within 6-60 seconds.

12 assays have a 10-minute turnaround time with our intelligent sample routing system.

Only 5 minutes of daily hands-on maintenance with Atellica CI Analyzer.

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Atellica Solution Sample Handler
VersaCell X3 STAT Grip Tube

Need extra hands?

With powerful automation that’s customized for any size lab, plus intelligent software that reduces training and administrative burden, the Atellica Portfolio gives your staff an extra hand—and then some.

Supercharge your productivity with solutions that do more so you don’t have to.

65% of samples run on Atellica Sample Handler had faster TAT than competitor systems.1

Automate routine tasks with powerful built-in automation capabilities.

  • Atellica Integrated Automation reduces end-to-end manual workflow steps by 75%.
  • 73% decrease in number of aliquots with Atellica Integrated Automation.

Scalable automation solutions to support various testing volumes for specialty testing.

Simply sustainable. Leaf floating on water with clouds in the sky. ADLM Do less.
Atellica Sustainability

Simply sustainable.

When your organization wastes less, everybody wins. That’s why the Atellica Solution is made from 98.3% recyclable materials and consumes the least water compared to other integrated analytical systems.

Responsibly green efforts that result in more than just a drop in the bucket.

  • 500 tons CO2 reduced by using refrigerated trucks rather than thermal packaging.
  • 4452 lb. of waste eliminated due to Atellica Sample Handler packaging redesign.

98.3% of Atellica Solution materials can be recycled.

Atellica CI and Atellica Solution Analyzers consume the least water compared to other integrated analytical systems.3

Whether you need a compact analyzer with the capabilities of a flagship system virtually limitless configurations that deliver purpose-fit solutions, or a fully automated workhorse to handle heavy volumes, we’ve got you covered.

Ensure lab-quality testing in every care setting across your hospital network with Siemens Healthineers. Our comprehensive point of care portfolio boosts efficiency and accelerates diagnosis, delivering consistent results wherever testing occurs. With our open, connected solutions, clinicians can access shared data instantly, enhancing clinical decision-making and improving patient outcomes. 

Labs need solutions that minimize manual touchpoints, especially in specialty testing where specific skill sets may be needed to manage testing or review results. Siemens Healthineers supports labs with specialty solutions to help labs do less—less manual reagent preparation, less footprint, less sample management, and less limitations.  

Visit us in Booth #501 in McCormick Place.

Exhibition dates: Tuesday, July 30 – Thursday, August 1, 2024

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