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    RTLS Solutions - Keyvisual

    RealTime Location Solutions (RTLS) utilize ready-to-deploy or individually customized digital technology solutions to automatically identify and track the location of assets, patients1 or staff1 in real time.

    RTLS improve clinical and operational outcomes through real-time visualization and optimization of your performance.


    Check out and learn more about our SitePlanner solution that demonstrates our answer to real time visualization for healthcare design solutions. This interactive visualization tool combines 3D features with Virtual Reality in real-time. 

    SitePlanner Mobile brings a brand-new experience to you:
    • Explore examples of rooms equipped with medical devices from Siemens Healthineers systems in realistic 3D
    • Switch between different modalities from diagnostic imaging, advanced therapies and laboratory to get an impression of our portfolio and the real room dimensions
    • Try the built-in augmented reality features for an immersive experience at your fingertips
    • Experience interactive project reviews with customized scenes