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Concerned that patients may leave your institution dissatisfied?

“Improving patient satisfaction with their CT experience” is ranked top priority by CT department responsibles.1)

1) IMV (2016): 2016 CT market outlook report.

Wondering if you are operating your CT at its full potential?
“The use of protocols and radiation dose varies greatly,” studies1) that analyzed millions of CT examinations worldwide showed. And this is not because of the equipment characteristics, but mainly because of the choices of the individual users.
 1) Smith-Bindmar R et al., International variation in radiation dose for computed tomography examinations: prospective cohort study, BMJ 2019;364:k4931.
Curious about the use of AI in your CT? But also skeptical about it?

“Already, 77% of the devices anyone of us uses feature one form of AI or another.”1)



SOMATOM go.Top is built for personalization of processes and care, allowing every operator to optimally adapt to individual patients and indications – and produce excellent CT results for the full clinical spectrum.


Standardizing procedures and results, SOMATOM go.All enables all users to confidently take on advanced fields in computed tomography – while interacting with patients in a more personalized way than ever before.


SOMATOM go.Up opens up the field of preventive care for routine operations, so that providers profit from advanced clinical results and from expanding their CT business while keeping an eye on profitability.


If you are looking to replace your previous system or just starting out in CT imaging, SOMATOM go.Now makes high-quality care accessible and helps you run a successful CT business.

SOMATOM go.sim

SOMATOM go.Sim is a dedicated CT simulator that can increase workforce productivity and optimize clinical operations. Spend less time managing CT simulation and more time focusing on patients.

SOMATOM go Open Pro

SOMATOM go.Open Pro is a dedicated CT simulator that expands precision medicine so you can bring individualized therapy to more patients than ever before. Push the boundaries to better treat the most challenging cases.

With myExam Companion, the SOMATOM go. platform offers intelligent imaging that works with you. Whether routine or advanced CT applications, it smartly and intuitively guides users and supports them in unlocking the system’s full potential automatically – independent of their level of experience.

The SOMATOM go. platform introduces an entirely new approach to operating a CT scanner. Built around a Mobile Workflow, it features a line-up of innovative solutions, including a tablet and remote control. Experience an unparalleled level of flexibility, mobility, and patient-friendliness in daily CT procedures.


The FAST 3D Camera2) helps your team provide first-time-right scans, manage tight schedules, and potentially examine more patients. It captures the patient’s shape, position, and height in three dimensions. Using infrared measurement, it even recognizes body contours. This is particularly useful, for example, when patients are wearing thicker clothes

The SOMATOM go. platform features intuitive solutions that address your workflow not only at the scanner but also beyond. GO technologies reduce repetitive workflow steps, help standardize & simplify all departmental processes.
my Needle Companion

myNeedle Companion helps simplify even complex image-guided needle procedures with targeted needle path planning and guidance as well as image fusion. Dedicated in-room control options offer you the flexibility to work as you prefer – with or without an assitant. The patient-side system control includes an in-room tablet, i-joystick, and footswitch. And the ceiling-mounted in-room monitor displays the clinical images.

Clinical image courtesy of RNS Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden, Germany

syngo.via and GO Keyvisual

syngo.via View&Go is your intuitive multimodaltiy reading and viewing software-only solution equipped with a wide range of clinical tools. You can start reading straight away and evaluate your studies with ease - located in one familiar and intuitive environment.


Niche setup in the examination

All CT scanners of the SOMATOM go. platform come with low installation costs. Thanks to gantry-integrated computers and a flexible room concept, you no longer need to invest in a separate control room. Whatever concept you will choose, you are fully protected while the X-ray is on.

And once you are up and running, we will not leave you alone. Beyond the initial investment, there are recurring operational costs affecting your bottom line. The SOMATOM go. platform is well equipped to help you with them as well. At the core of their design the scanners of the platform enable lower electrical consumption compared to previous models4) and may even allow for reduction of the contrast media using the High Power technology.


syngo Virtual Cockpit is designed to assist scan procedures from a distance. Enabled by syngo Expert-i, expert colleagues receive access to the scanner and can support less experienced technologists – for reproducible results across your entire CT system fleet.


And with our cloud-based performance management solution teamplay, you get a transparent overview of your system data. Easily identify areas of improvement and monitor your Siemens Healthineers fleet’s performance.


The Advance Plans are Siemens Healthineers’ service agreements for maximized efficiency and excellent clinical outcome in the digital era. They comprise a wealth of innovative and intelligent services that keep you cutting-edge, connected, and competitive. At the core of every service contract is Siemens Healthineers’ continuous update and upgrade service AdvanceNow. This key component provides frequent software updates and upgrades – including cybersecurity patches – and replacement of computer hardware as required, enabling you to benefit from advancements in intelligent imaging. Keep your imaging equipment up-to-date, constantly and easily