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    teamplay performance management applications

    Streamline operations to unlock productivity gains

    teamplay performance management application

    teamplay performance management applications empowering data analytics that help you streamline your imaging operations.

    • Standardize operations to increase clinical and operational outcomes
    • Analyze and understand performance data to optimize economies of scale across your fleet
    • Identify causes for outliers to improve quality and compliance with national authorities (e.g. dose exposure)

    teamplay performance management application

    teamplay Fleet enables you to streamline the management of your fleet from Siemens Healthineers and to optimize your asset performance holistically, 24/7, and from any browser capable device.

    • Save time by having a holistic fleet overview and specific equipment information at hand to make informed decisions
    • Efficiently manage and plan your equipment performance to optimize the usage of your assets
    • Get in-depth cybersecurity reports and access to software updates to protect your patients’ data and your reputation
    • Evaluate your options and upgrade your capabilities to make sound decisions on your future portfolio investments
    teamplay performance management application

    teamplay X-ray Dashboard1 provides you with a full analysis of rejected images, identification of the root cause of the rejection and an overview of variances in imaging based on EXI values.

    • Provides transparency on imaging data, including full rejected analysis and imaging variances based on EXI values, helping to boost efficiency
    • Identifies inefficiencies in taking images in a tailored manner, allowing you to take measures to reduce the number of retakes and thus the radiation dose
    • Provides an exact report of rejected images and imaging variances, letting you comply with strict exam documentation guidelines for your peace of mind

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