Shape 21 Experience

    Symbia Intevo Bold

    More CT for your SPECT/CT.

    Combine high-performance CT with advanced SPECT imaging to accommodate even the most challenging situations.

    Symbia Intevo Bold
    1. Diagnostic Spiral CT
      16- and 321-slice CT
    2. HD detectors
      Energy-independent performance via high-definition digital detectors
    3. AUTOFORM™ collimators
      Proprietary collimator design for uniform septal walls and higher sensitivity
    4. Patient positioning monitor
      Intuitive touch-screen interface
    5. Innovative bed design
      High-weight capacity accommodates bariatric patients; rear-bed support eliminates pallet flex; fully integrated ECG for fast setup
    6. Automatic Quality Control (AQC) and Automatic Collimator Changer (ACC)*
      Spend less time with your equipment and more time with your patients
    7. xSPECT Bone™*
      High-resolution bone imaging
    8. xSPECT Quant™*
      Standardized, accurate, reproducible, absolute quantification
    9. Broad Quantification™*
      Quantification for most SPECT isotopes and collimators
    10. IQ•SPECT™*
      Cardio-centric orbit with SMARTZOOM™* cardiac collimator for ultrafast, low-dose cardiac imaging
    11. iMAR*
      Reduce metal artifacts to see more detail
    12. SAFIRE*
      Reduce dose. Maintain image quality.

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