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    Innovations in CT imaging

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    Introducing groundbreaking CT products and technologies for decades, we are known as the innovation leader in this field. Our portfolio shows unique arguments with regards to artificial intelligence, low dose, workflow optimization and image quality. With this, we enable you to increase value and be at the forefront in CT. 

    “The use of protocols and radiation dose varies greatly” as shown by studies1 analyzing millions of CT examinations worldwide.

    This is not because of the equipment characteristics, but mainly due to the choices of the individual users.

    SOMATOM X.cite

    SOMATOM® X.cite with myExam Companion helps you to operate your CT scanner at its full potential.

    myExam Companion guides users intuitively through anyprocedure, adjusting key parameters to individual patients. This allows technologists to unlock the full potential of this new high-end system, including its Vectron® X-ray tube and large, 82 cm bore. 

    No matter the patient or complexity of the procedure, SOMATOM X.cite and myExam Companion together enables users to reduce unwarranted variations – and generate consistent, comprehensive results.

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