Shape 21 Experience

    Deep Resolve

    Advanced reconstruction technology increases image sharpness and scan speed

    Mobilizing the power of networks

    Discover the new AI-powered reconstruction technology Deep Resolve1 that generates high resolution images from low resolution input. And find out how the power of collective wisdom can help extend the benefits of MRI to new patient populations.

    Features & Benefits

    Keyvisual Next Generation AI

    AI-based reconstruction is the next step in the future of MRI. Applying AI to image ageneration simplifies and speeds up the workflow for more accurate diagnosis. Siemens Healthineers has state-of-the-art med-tech and curated data from an international network that helps us reliably and securely expand precision medicine as we drive the digitalization of healthcare.

    Keyvisual Faster

    Intelligent denoising and deep learning methods power Deep Resolve technologies for sharper images acquired in faster scans. Deep Resolve Sharp has a convolutional neural network at its core that enables generation of a high-resolution image from low-resolution input. In combination with Deep Resolve Gain intelligent denoising, clinically robust results are achieved, with sharper images and higher SNR

    Keyvisual Partnering for innovation

    Digital innovation in healthcare requires open minds and an open space for fresh approaches to challenges. Deep Resolve is designed with a developer-friendly open digital interface for co-creation with partners. Standardized communication protocols make it easy to participate, collaborate, and cooperate for innovation. This futureproof, open, and secure platform will help mobilizing the digitalization of MR imaging.

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