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Every person, device, and POCT result must meet their respective standards of compliance. And you need to be able to monitor that compliance data and analyze it in real time to reduce risk and advance care. Data-driven, proactive, and efficient point-of-care testing is about more than quality control - it’s the gateway to better care.

Connect securely to more than 190 supported device interfaces with an open, reliable POC informatics platform. Comprehensive compliance management of staff and equipment reduces risk and advances care. Consolidated analytics and a vendor-neutral, centralized IT infrastructure support improved efficiencies and reduced costs.
POC ITEnhance Operator Management Maintain Compliance and Analytics Provide Quality Assurance Manage and Control Devices Remotely

    The state of Queensland, Australia, is roughly the size of France, Spain, Sweden, and Germany combined. Managing a point-of-care testing network of more than 250 sites across the state means overcoming the challenges such an immense area presents. In a region where the nearest pathology lab may be 500 kilometers away and roads can be impassable for months, the ability to locally produce reliable, quality-assured test results is critical in improving patient outcomes.