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Open connectivity with POC Informatics

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The Siemens Healthineers POC Ecosystem solution empowers the centralized management of POCT programs. It is a key enabler for POCT coordinators, helping them connect devices and users so testing efficiency is maximized, clinical workflow is improved, compliance is adhered to, and costs are efficiently managed.

Confirm that your POC devices are online, operational, and properly maintained with immediate oversight and control. Implement robust connectivity and device monitoring with maintenance management and recording for all devices within your POC Ecosystem environment.

POC Informatics

Connect to 200+ different models of POCT devices from 60 different manufacturers to create an open POC Ecosystem® environment.

  • Streamline workflow
  • Simplify IT infrastructure
  • Manage quality across all sites and devices
  • Satisfy compliance and accreditation requirements

Information is critical to making good clinical decisions. Data collected from imaging and laboratory diagnostics and medical documentation has been growing exponentially. Point-of-care Informatics from Siemens Healthineers enables you to aggregate data from 190+ device types, from more than 40 different vendors.

Informatics Solutions

Open connectivity to reduce costs and increase control of managing your POCT environment.

Point of Care Informatics

Easily, securely, and robustly connect all your POCT devices, regardless of manufacturer.

POC Informatics

Simplify workflow and improve outcomes with a scalable data-management system for the entire Siemens Healthineers POC portfolio.