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    Next generation Nexaris Therapy Suites1 

    The newest technology for combined intraoperative Angio, MR, and CT imaging 

    Nexaris Angio-MR-CT

    Seamless access to multi-modality imaging in the operating room
    Intraoperative MR imaging now available with MAGNETOM Vida and Sola with BioMatrix technology enabled by the new Nexaris Dockable Table1.

    Improved intraoperative MR patient transfer workflow with new Nexaris Dockable Table1

    MAGNETOM Vida / Sola with BioMatrix technology, and the latest advanced applications and imaging features now available for both diagnostic and intraoperative imaging.  

    Nexaris Angio-MR-CTUltra-high density coilsTurbo SuiteOne table for all imagingNexaris Head FrameNexaris Spine 36BioMatrix InterfacesPatient transfer
    1. ultra-high density coils
      A new generation of ultra-high density coils offers more accuracy, flexibility, and speed. With the new 18-channel UltraFlex coils, for example, cumbersome and long exams of the elbow can be accelerated by a factor of three2 and spatial resolution can be increased at the same time.
    2. Nexaris turbosuite

      New Turbo Suite acceleration packages enable up to 50%2 faster clinical routine examinations.

    3. Workflow Animation: switch from therapeutic to diagnostic MRI set-up
    4. Nexaris Head Frame
      A frame designed exclusively for the Nexaris Dockable Table1 which holds two Ultra Flex large 18 coils to be used in conjunction with a transfer board for intraoperative neuro imaging.
    5. Nexaris Spine

      Nexaris Spine 36 – dedicated spine coil for the Nexaris Dockable Table1

      The Nexaris Spine 36 coil supports both intraoperative and diagnostic MR imaging. Its unique design is lightweight, durable, and is sealed for better resistance to fluids which may leak during a transfer or intervention.

    6. BioMatrix Interfaces
      It includes: 
      • The Autodock feature to automatically dock and undock the table to the MR scanner 
      • A button to apply and release table brakes 
      • A button to raise and lower the table 
      • A zero, or home position button to bring the table into a predefined transfer height for docking to the OR table
    7. Workflow Animation: head clamp transfer with PMI DORO
    Nexaris Angio-MR-CT
    Nexaris Angio-MR-CT – At the nexus of treatment innovation 
    • Seamless access to Angio, MR, and CT imaging during surgery
    • Direct patient transfer and no patient repositioning enabled by PILOT patient transfer system – jointly developed with our partner Getinge
    • Intraoperative MRI with MAGNETOM Vida and Sola with BioMatrix technology
    • Improved patient transfer workflow with Nexaris Dockable Table1 – one table for therapy and diagnostics
    • Expanding intraoperative neuro imaging possibilities with the Nexaris Head Frame1