MULTIX Impact C with myExam Companion

Strengthen your image

In radiography, the way patients and referring physicians perceive your institution can enhance – or hinder – your success. MULTIX Impact C is a high-performance, ceiling-mounted radiography system with integrated user assisting system intelligence. Its economical price improves access to care, while its reliable performance provides high-quality on-time care to diverse patients, even at peak times.

MULTIX Impact C: Because your image matters.

Reputation matters

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When it comes to choosing a healthcare provider, patients care about more than just about how close the institution is. In these days of online resources and patient reviews, a good reputation can make all the difference.

To maintain or even boost a hospital’s reputation, it is crucial to use modern equipment and have a friendly, helpful staff. Institutions that fulfill these criteria will attract more referrals and patients – and are more successful.

High-end technology and user-assisting system intelligence – at an economical price

Our answer for ceiling-mounted radiography
siemens healthineers at rsna 2020
  • Optimal patient focus and live image of the patient with myExam 3D Camera2
  • Smooth preparation with automated guidance2
  • Accurate exams with Virtual Collimation2
  • Work closer to your patients with mobile workflows

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits in this new generation

myExam 3D camera

myExam 3D Camera2

myExam 3D Camera2

Unlocks new camera-based functionalities and workflows in MULTIX Impact C.

Virtual Collimation

Virtual Collimation2

Virtual Collimation2

You can quickly collimate or perform adjustments at the workstation right before X-ray exposure.

Auto Thorax Collimation

Auto Thorax Collimation2

Auto Thorax Collimation2

AI-based functionality that automatically detects the region of interest and sets the appropriate collimation for chest X-rays.

Hybrid Image Documentation

Hybrid Image Documentation2

Hybrid Image Documentation2

Provides you an optional photographic live image of the patient in addition to the X-ray image. This allows radiologists to retrace and double-check diagnostic information on the X-ray image by comparing it with the hybrid image.

Auto TOD Measurement

Auto TOD Measurement2

Auto TOD Measurement2

Supports you with a more accurate assignment of the table-object distance (TOD) and relieves staff for time-consuming and complicated manual measurements.

Smart Remote Control

Smart Remote Control2

Smart Remote Control2

Access the major functions of the imaging system on the fly – enabling your staff to stay in closer touch with patients.

siemens healthineers at rsna 2020

MULTIX Impact C improves the imaging experience for your patients. It features dose-efficient and state-of-the-art technology, an elevating flat tabletop, and a friendly design.

  • Designed for patient well-being
  • Workflows that optimize patient interaction
  • Easy patient set-up and control – for possibly less retakes and higher satisfaction
  • Dedicated dose-saving programs for children

MULTIX Impact C enables workflows that allow staff to spend more time with patients.

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MULTIX Impact C features an ergonomic design and intelligent workflows that help put the focus back on your patients.

  • Motorized for less physical strain on staff
  • Tube touchscreen and myExam 3D Camera2 for easy system operation and greater control
  • Smoother preparation and examination
  • Easy and intuitive to learn

MULTIX Impact C is designed to make working less stressful and more satisfying.

siemens healthineers at rsna 2020

MULTIX Impact C is built for consistent outcomes, fast results, and peak system availability. System uptime is assured with premium components & an innovative service concept.

  • Fewer user-dependent variations: deliver consistent, high image quality every time
  • Work with the image flavor you prefer - for easy reading and fast results for referrals
  • Outstanding reliability and system availability

MULTIX Impact C makes reading faster, easer, and more consistent.

New clinical workflows 

Technical Specifications

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  1. Multix Impact C
    • Intuitive imaging system
    • Fast image flavor setting
    • Touchscreen user interface2
  2. 02)	Smart Remote Control
    • Access major imaging system functions on the go
    • Live-stream of patient status
  3. Hybrid Image Documentation2

    Photographic live image of the patient as optional diagnostic reference 

  4. Multix Impact C

    • MAX wi-D2 (35 cm x 43 cm/ 14’’ x 17‘’) with detector sharing
    • Core XL (43 cm x 43 cm/ 17’’ x 17’’)

    • 10” touch user interface
    • Motorized collimator
    • SmartPositioning2
    • Virtual Collimation2
    • Smart Virtual Ortho2
    • Auto Thorax Collimation2
    • Auto Long-Leg and Full-Spine Collimation2 for standing examinations at the BWS
    • Auto TOD Measurement2
    • Live camera image2
    • Automatic tube tracking (table mode)2
    • Adjustable height: from 51.5 to 90 cm (20.3’’ to 35.4’’)
    • High weight capacity: 300 kg (661 lbs)
    • Comfortable patient positioning on flat tabletop

  5. Indicates the system status

    • Automatic detector tracking (BWS mode)
    • Vertical travel range: up to 144 cm (56.7’’)
    • Low central beam height: 32 cm (12.6’’)
    • Fixed detector Core static2
    • Tilting: +90°/-20°

A new era in X-ray imaging

siemens healthineers at rsna 2020
  • myExam Companion launches the era of intelligent imaging
  • It turns data into built-in expertise and shares this with you
  • It speaks your language and helps you on your way
siemens healthineers at rsna 2020
  • AI-Rad Companion3 is a vendor-neutral, multi-organ augmented reading solution
  • It automatically prepares clinical images to be interpreted by radiologists and/or clinicians
siemens healthineers at rsna 2020
  • Leverage Fleet Level Benefits across your X-ray department
  • Standardize for consistency, analyze for transparency, and secure for confidence
  • Unlock your potential – and increase the efficiency across your imaging fleet