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Medicalis Imaging Service Line

Transform your disparate departmental imaging operations into an integrated imaging service line
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We can help you transform your complex multisite, multivendor imaging environment into an integrated imaging service line with a patient-centric focus throughout the entire workflow, from the ease of ordering the most appropriate exam to results distribution, while using an intelligent workflow infrastructure to ensure the right study is read by the right radiologist at the right time. With Medicalis, you can ensure your institution’s service-level goals are met globally while still practicing radiology locally.
We understand the complexity of your environment and the individual needs you may have. Our experts will work with you to design a solution that meets your objectives.

Medicalis Workflow Orchestrator

An enterprise workflow orchestrator to organize and automate your radiologist reading across sites, radiology practices, and legacy platforms, creating a single workflow layer allowing radiologists to read any studies from any location. Use a common platform to standardize your radiologist workflow.
We provide a workflow orchestration layer that organizes, optimizes, and orchestrates a single workflow across the radiology network to increase your radiologists’ productivity and efficiency. The integrated platform helps you reduce variation by having the right study read by the right radiologist at the right time, ensuring a fast turnaround time and thus further improving the quality of patient care across the imaging service network.

Medicalis Referral Management

An integrated referral management solution to improve communication with your referral community, help you optimize the use of your imaging resources, and personalize the availability and delivery of care to patients. Offer a higher value of service to your community with a system that closes the communication loop from initial ordering of imaging exams to result distribution.
Our centralized referral management solution helps you harmonize the referral workflow for your radiology practice even if it is spread across multiple systems and locations. Digitize your referral management operations and streamline your referrals workflow through key features such as electronic order entry, order status update, sub-specialty customization, and multisite scheduling.

Medicalis Clinical Decision Support

An imaging clinical decision support platform that helps evaluate the appropriateness of imaging orders by delivering up-to-date, evidence-based clinical best practice guidelines at the point of order entry.
With a focus on specific modalities, indications, and priority clinical areas for content delivery and by taking an evidence-based and targeted approach, you can ensure your referring physicians are ordering exams for cases where the potential for positive impact on patient care is high, thus increasing the quality of service and providing added value without discouraging the ordering physician.

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