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Medicalis Clinical Decision Support

The right order, first time
Keep your ordering provider informed while encouraging appropriate use of diagnostic imaging
While up to 26% of all imaging orders are either inappropriate or equivocal when placed without evidence based standards1, education on the appropriate use of diagnostic imaging is increasingly becoming a priority as it contributes to improving the quality of patient care, reducing wasteful utilization, and controlling costs. Imaging clinical decision support systems are the next generation in the delivery of knowledge and management of appropriate diagnostic imaging utilization to ensure “the right order, first time”.
The flexibility of the Medicalis Clinical Decision Support system provides you with options to gradually implement a CDS solution that is best suited to your institution’s needs:
  • We support your rollout process. You can start by implementing the appropriate use criteria that are aligned with your priority clinical areas and gradually expand to other appropriate use criteria at a later date.
  • We accommodate your workflow. We offer different access options for the Medicalis Clinical Decision Support mechanism, such as multiple portal-based solutions and EMR integration options to accommodate your ordering physician’s workflow.
  • We support multiple guidelines. Our Medicalis solution consists of a CDS mechanism that can be implemented in conjunction with your selected guidelines.
Medicalis Clinical Decision Support is an adaptable system that helps you address potential related imaging clinical decision support regulations such as the upcoming Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) PAMA mandate in the United States.

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