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MAMMOMAT Revelation

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MAMMOMAT Revelation

Meaningful innovation and true progress can only happen if we keep an eye on the big picture. Accurate decision-making requires that we consider many different aspects. Focusing on just one element isn’t good enough to master the complexity of today’s challenges.

With our MAMMOMAT Revelation we not only offer a mammography system that enables a 3D visualization of the whole breast with its market unique 50° wide-angle technology. We also offer a solution that takes into account all the most important aspects:

  • Aim for the right dose
    It’s not only about lowest dose, it’s also about highest image quality.
  • Focus on all patient needs
    It’s not only about comfort and speed, it’s also about certainty.
  • Go for quality
    It’s not only about precision in cancer detection, it’s also about continuously supporting customers.

MAMMOMAT Revelation lets you see more, detect breast cancer earlier, and help women stay healthy.

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