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MAGNETOM Free.Star1 − MRI for all.

MAGNETOM Free.Star introduces a disruptively simple approach to MRI that transforms global access to high-value care. Based on our revolutionary High-V MRI platform, MAGNETOM Free.Star1 is our most cost-effective and easy to operate MRI leveraging the full power of digital innovations.


MAGNETOM Free.Max breaks barriers to expand the reach of MRI. Introducing the world's first 80-cm patient bore and High-V MRI, MAGNETOM Free.Max redefines MRI accessibility and opens up new clinical opportunities.

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As you know MRI play an increasingly important role in many clinical fields. Are you able to meet the demands with your current MRI system? With a BioMatrix Fit Upgrade you can make your MRI fit for the future and transform your care delivery - now also for MAGNETOM Avanto and MAGNETOM Verio.2

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Deep Resolve is an AI-powered image reconstruction technology that takes advantage of convolutional neural networks that accelerate MR scans, making them faster than ever before.


Guest editor Jan Fritz, MD (New York University, Grossman School of Medicine, New York, USA)
This edition showcases numerous examples how high-performance scanner technologies, advanced acceleration techniques, and artificial intelligence-based image reconstruction can redefine MR imaging.

Efficiency is a cornerstone for making MRI more available and accessible worldwide, improving tolerability for patients undergoing MRI scans, limiting degrading motion artifacts on MR images, and augmenting throughput for busy academic institutions and private centers.