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    LUMINOS Lotus Max

    Two Disciplines. One Flow.

    Features & Benefits

    Built with usability in mind, LUMINOS Lotus Max is designed to support your needs – from Fleet Level benefits, through a high level of cybersecurity, to innovative services.
    siemens healthineers at rsna 2020
    High complexity in diagnostic imaging makes it challenging to run the radiology department efficiently. Siemens Healthineers helps you to reduce complexity by offering specific solutions across the entire X-ray portfolio which let you standardize, analyze and secure the imaging fleet. This results in improved outcomes, increased efficiency and greater staff and patient satisfaction.
    LUMINOS Lotus Max features security by design and a comprehensive update of cybersecurity options to keep your medical equipment protected throughout the entire lifecycle. The system is delivered with standard cybersecurity offerings and if necessary, advanced security solutions2 can be optionally added for an even higher level of security

    siemens healthineers at rsna 2020
    1. Control Console2 Control console for more flexibility in exam rooms with SmartTouch – touch-sensitive joysticks activated only by a human touch
    2. SmartDispay2 Display Ceiling Suspension: for flexible, comfortable, and safe DCS positioning
    3. SmartStepOn2 Wireless foot switch: prevents unnecessary dose and delivers more safety and freedom

    4. Moodlight2
      MoodLight creates a friendly working environment for patients and staff.

    5. System X-ray tube 

      • Anode heat capacity: 820 kHU
      • Collimator with semitransparent filters2
    6. Ysio Max ceiling suspended tube

      • With a large touchscreen of 26 cm (10.4”) touch user interface (TUI)

    7. Bucky wall stand

      • Automatic tube tracking for smooth exam preparation
      • Vertical travel range: up to 145 cm
      • Low central beam height: 27 cm
      • Tilting: +90° / -20°
      • Optional with MAX static or MAX wi-D
    8. Remote control console

      • With SmartTouch, touch-sensitive joysticks can only be activated by a human touch with integrated TUI (touch user interface) for intuitive imaging