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    A Siemens Healthineers innovation in urinalysis testing

    Intelligent Strips Featuring              Auto-Checks Technology

    A Siemens Healthineers innovation in urinalysis testing

    Help improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and gain peace of mind— all by using a more intelligent urine strip.

    A single urine strip can provide a wealth of information, but how can you be sure that information is accurate and reliable? With Siemens Healthineers intelligent urine strips, powered by our proprietary Auto-Checks™ technology, you can feel confident in your results because our testing solutions provide important automated quality checks with every test. From detecting humidity exposure to automatically identifying strip type, only strips with Auto-Checks technology work as intelligently as you do.
    innovation in urinalysis testing

    Performance-driven urinalysis solutions from Siemens Healthineers support early detection, monitoring, and management of diseases. Powered by our proprietary Auto-Checks™ technology, our urinalysis reagent strips provide fast, reliable insight into patient health.

    When paired with our industry-leading CLINITEK® family of analyzers, urine strips from Siemens Healthineers enhance testing accuracy and workforce productivity by automating your testing environment, eliminating human subjectivity and transcription errors, and reducing unwarranted variations.

    CLINITEK Status® Connect System simplifies wireless1 or wired connectivity and testing oversight in point-of care urinalysis for improved risk management.

    innovation in urinalysis testing Quality Control Management Capabilities Auto-Checks™ Technology Advanced Operator Management Flexible Connectivity Connectivity to the POCcelerator Data Management System Barcode Screening Capabilities
    1. Helps managers and supervisors drive compliance across testing sites. 

      • Defines specific QC protocols for operators to follow 
      • Provides QC lockout if protocol is not followed or QC test fails 
      • Stores up to 200 QC test results 
      • Ability to create User-Defined barcodes for 3rd Party QC

    2. Helps to ensure the quality and accuracy of data while facilitating an enhanced interpretation of results. Our testing solutions provide important automated quality checks with every test. 

      Three functionalities of Auto-Checks: 

      • Detect humidity exposure
      • Check for common sample interferences²
      • Identify strip type

    3. Provides an additional level of security to improve risk management. 

      • Stores up to 700 operators 
      • Allows supervisors to customize access by operator 
      • Prevents unauthorized operators from accessing system or running patient tests

    4. Delivers testing oversight for improved risk management. 

      • Connect to your hospital′s LIS/HIS or point-of-care data management software 
      • Automatically transmit patient data and QC results 
      • Flexible connectivity via serial, Ethernet, or wireless connection; supports HL7 and POCT1-A2 communication protocol 
      • Latest software includes WPA2-PSK wireless security encryption

    5. Links to an open, reliable POC Informatics platform for advanced control and oversight of networked instruments through a single interface to the LIS/HIS. The POCcelerator™ Data Management System helps maximize productivity by simplifying quality control, inventory management, and compliance management of staff and equipment. Consolidate all POC data points and insights within a single system, producing KPIs that are clear, actionable, and geared toward continuous quality improvement.
    6. Improve data entry by eliminating manual steps and reducing transcription errors.

      Use an optional bar-code scanner to enter:

      • Patient Name/ID
      • Operator Name/ID
      • Strip Lot and Expiration Date1

      Ability to create user-defined barcodes for: Operator ID, Patient ID, Strip Quality Control Lot and Expiration, and Cassette Quality Control Lot and Expiration.

      Option to require data entry via barcode to limit transcription errors.

    innovation in urinalysis testing

    Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust pilot program assessed the benefits of using automated readers over the manual dipstick method.³

    Outcomes revealed that:

    • Automated methods improve testing accuracy by 15%.
    • Transcription errors and subjectivity of visual-read tests are eliminated.
    • Automated methods require less sample processing time.
    • Automated methods provide better documentation of training and management of operators.

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