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Innovations in CT imaging

NAEOTOM Alpha | CT redefined.

We are proud to introduce the world’s first photon-counting CT. NAEOTOM Alpha® with Quantum Technology is nothing less than the total reinvention of computed tomography. Based on the revolutionary direct signal-conversion of its QuantaMax detector, NAEOTOM Alpha offers high-resolution images at minimal dose, spectral information in every scan, and improved contrast at lower noise.

Benefit from a never-before seen range of clinical options and breakthrough consistency – for potentially scanning previously excluded patients and confident clinical decision making. Experience a defining moment in computed tomography.

SOMATOM X.ceed | Intelligent imaging. Exceeding excellence.
SOMATOM X.ceed is a high-resolution, high-speed, low-dose CT scanner with the category-best imaging chain. With the unique guidance of myExam Companion and myNeedle Companion it enables excellent clinical decisions in the most challenging clinical situations – and elite performance of CT and personnel. Find out how you can expand precision medicine and improve patient experience with SOMATOM X.ceed.

Two new dedicated CT simulators for radiation therapy

Automatically performs measurements and prepares results in the form of clinical images and reports

Our CT portfolio shows unique arguments with regards to artificial intelligence, low dose, workflow optimization and image quality.

Computed Tomography portfolio