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    Siemens Healthineers Innovation Talks

    Join the discussions about the future of radiology and therapy
    From Siemens Healthineers Shape 21 Forum to our RSNA experience: Get the latest insights about clinical conditions, innovation highlights, access to remote care and various other topics that are shaping healthcare. Explore the full list of topics to register for the talks you would like to attend and get the opportunity to engage with healthcare professionals and experts.

    Did you miss our live panel discussions? Watch the recordings here. 

    Digitalizing healthcare - are we there yet?

    Trust in AI as a partner

    Getting as many stroke patients to treatment as fast as possible

    Discover all recorded sessions on Digitalizing healthcare

    Let’s discuss the future of Radiology and innovation highlights from the world of radiology. Join us as we share how we strengthen the process of digitalizing healthcare enabled by data-driven solutions and digital technologies. Gain insights on the latest trends in healthcare, the digital transformation and utilizing the full potential of medical technology.

    New Era of ACUSON ultrasound systems

    Syngo Carbon1: Time for change

    Bringing innovation to patient pathway

    Shui: Lifeblood of Digitalization

    Discover all recorded sessions on Artificial Intelligence in Radiology

    Join us as we focus on AI-powered solutions that pave the way to shape clinical decisions in radiology and assist radiologists in making the right decision for every patient. In these talks, we will cover topics like AI-powered clinical decision making and AI in clinical practice.

    Digitally enabled lung assessment with ultra-low dose CT

    Companions – Shaping the future of healthcare with Digital Assistants

    Performance of AI in Chest X-Ray: An Objective View

    Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare - an ethical dilemma?

    Discover all recorded sessions on Expanding precision medicine

    Explore how precision medicine will tie pinpoint diagnosis to individualized treatment with a focus on stroke and other clinical conditions. Join the talks to experience how we enable precise diagnosis to foster individualized prevention and therapy.

    The stroke revolution guided by imaging

    How Nexaris Angio-CT can advance stroke treatment

    How Nexaris Angio-CT can advance stroke treatment

    Guiding neuro critical care with mobile CT

    Discover all recorded sessions on Transforming care delivery

    Gain insights on how to make radiological care more affordable, accessible, and available. Discover our highlight systems for transforming care delivery, remote healthcare to improve workplace safety, to help overcome capacity constraints, and to enhance efficiency and productivity. We discuss affordable high-quality care, remote care and COVID-19 in the context of recovery and key strategies to become more resilient.

    Improving access to care around the world

    Current & future applications of vascular robotics

    Reveal the power of virtual patient care

    Digital Transformation at Ultrasound

    Explore breakthrough innovations in imaging and therapy and see how we will help to enhance access to care and leverage AI to revolutionize clinical decision making.